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29 September 2017
Test edition
Test edition

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26 September 2017

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The dismal art

There's supply and then there's supply; knowing the difference can save serious heartache

Jury out on Cascabel resource

Not all agree, but there is plenty of support for SolGold's first pass numbers

TMAC appoints banker as CEO

BMO mining chief to take on mining company with operational issues

Dumont back as nickel-cobalt opportunity

Quebec nickel-cobalt project taking calls from interested parties

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SEG 2017 Conference, Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond

Detailed Event Info: The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to the SEG 2017 Conference, Ore Deposits of Asia:...

India's mineral sands industry

Despite a hefty reduction in output last year, Australia is the world's dominant producer of ilmenite...


18 AUGUST 2000

Fresh impetus for Spanish metal mining

The Spanish mining industry is experiencing mixed fortunes. The base metals sector, which experienced...


11 AUGUST 2000

A long haul for molybdenum

Announcing its results for the June quarter of this year, Phelps Dodge Corp. last week reported losses...


04 AUGUST 2000

'Diggers & Dealers': bloodied but unbowed

Last year, as the annual Diggers & Dealers forum convened in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, the gold...


28 JULY 2000

China`s approach to coal pollution

Coal represents some 90% of China's primary energy reserves, and in 1998 the total output of 1,220 Mt...


14 JULY 2000

M&A in mining

In 1995, Stockholm-based Raw Materials Group (RMG) embarked on an annual review of mergers and acquisitions...


07 JULY 2000

Exploration: Andean retrospective

Operations in the central Andes of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru accounted for 44.5% of the world's...


30 JUNE 2000

Iran keen for business

The announcement last Friday by Canada's leading zinc producer, Cominco Ltd, that it has entered into...


23 JUNE 2000

The diamond-mining scene

The total rough diamond supply amounted to US$8.1 billion in 1999. The world's diamond mines contributed...


16 JUNE 2000

Technology in mining: costs, communication and collaboration

Ever since the emergence of the internet in a commercial form during the mid-1990s there has been much...


09 JUNE 2000

Mining e-procurement - would you buy into this service?

Mr Wally Johnson, a chartered engineer and former board member of GKN, is currently chairman of the PI...


09 JUNE 2000

Conflict diamonds*

Since the birth of the modern diamond industry in the early 1870s, many challenges have been successfully...


02 JUNE 2000

Europe's base metals potential

The Irish Association for Economic Geology (IAEG) has excelled itself in organising its most recent international...


26 MAY 2000

Tantalum comes of age

Tantalum is a rare metal that, until relatively recently, was considered merely a contaminant in the...


19 MAY 2000

New solutions for nickel sulphides

Whilst the eyes of most in the nickel industry have been focused on the progress being made by the various...


12 MAY 2000

Baia Mare examined

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian...


05 MAY 2000