Copper and the Third Wave

The global economy appears to be entering its first period of synchronised growth since 1994 and Western...


07 APRIL 2000

Canadian disclosure standards

Last Friday (March 24), the Canadian Securities Administrators published a revised version of new requirements...


31 MARCH 2000

Time for constructive partnerships

Within the World Bank group, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) is probably...


24 MARCH 2000

Optimism for nickel

The situation in the nickel market has changed radically from a year ago and price forecasts made at...


17 MARCH 2000

Missing the wood for the trees

The tailings spill from the Aurul gold reprocessing operation in Baie Mare, Romania (MJ, February 25,...


10 MARCH 2000

Geophysical instrumentation:100 years of evolution

It is interesting, perhaps sobering, to review highlights of the evolution of magnetic, electromagnetic...


03 MARCH 2000

Synthetic diamonds meet the challenges

Although eclipsed by the multi-billion dollar diamond jewellery industry ( MJ , February 11, p.110),...


25 FEBRUARY 2000

Analysing risk in Indonesia

The way of doing resource-based business in Indonesia, especially mining, “is now facing a new beginning...


18 FEBRUARY 2000

Israel getting rough

With draft legislation before the US Congress calling for responsible accounting in the diamond trade,...


11 FEBRUARY 2000

Investing in Africa

In addition to its normal circulation, this week's Mining Journal is being distributed to delegates at...


04 FEBRUARY 2000

Recent lessons learned about hedging

The following article on hedging by Jeffrey Christian, managing director of the New York-based CPM Group,...


28 JANUARY 2000

Kazakhstan's mineral law amendments

Kazakhstan occupies a territory of more than 2.7 million km 2 and amongst the Commonwealth of Independent...


21 JANUARY 2000

The way ahead for Australian mining

Sir George Fisher took over as chief executive of Mount Isa Mines in the early 1950s and under his guidance...


14 JANUARY 2000

Bullion banking explained

Events in the final four months of 1999 have focused attention on several aspects of the precious metals...


07 JANUARY 2000