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29 September 2017
Test edition
Test edition

Summary of this Test edition


26 September 2017

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The Birimian: plenty more where that came from

A mix of old and new discoveries will keep geologists coming back for more

West Africa holds onto junior appeal

Discovery potential worth the accompanying challenges

Permitting resolution sees Pebble progress

Northern Dynasty pursuing smaller project without cyanide

Trilogy on the road to progress at Ambler

Alaska project owner gets ready to start permitting procedure

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SEG 2017 Conference, Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond

Detailed Event Info: The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to the SEG 2017 Conference, Ore Deposits of Asia:...

Heaven and hell

Heaven and hell

Professor Ian Plimer takes a swing at papal policy


22 OCTOBER 2015
Book examines economic draw of Iberian Peninsula

Book examines economic draw of Iberian Peninsula

Parallels seen between forces shaping Roman Empire, and modern power struggles


21 OCTOBER 2015
Gabon rejects mining code critique

Gabon rejects mining code critique

The Gabon government has rebutted Minehutte's latest assessment of its mining code


09 OCTOBER 2015
Creating platforms for future development

Creating platforms for future development

True partnerships can (and do) take corporate social responsibility to a new level


02 OCTOBER 2015

Takt planning in mining

Supercharging productivity at the rock face


24 JULY 2015

Five reasons red-metal bulls are wrong (right)

With iron ore and coal in the doldrums, copper is back dominating the investor spotlight


06 JULY 2015

Africa mining between a rock and a hard place

Kroll's Andrew Sekandi looks at Africa's shifting political landscape and what it could mean for miners...


24 JUNE 2015

Bringing the shine back into gold mining

Common strategic factors enable gold-sector TSR leaders to excel in challenging market

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29 MAY 2015

Survey points to commercial upside

In the asset productivity age, miners can't neglect commercial excellence


28 APRIL 2015

Mining's productivity imperative

Burning fat, building muscle, and thinking straight


04 APRIL 2015

Is mining M&A a destroyer of shareholder value?

No, says Lee Downham* ...


15 MARCH 2015

Keep calm and PD on

About 25,000 of us have flown into this frozen grey city, where we escape the cold in the spacious halls,...


04 MARCH 2015

Can India be 'the next China'?

Yes, says Lee Jong-Wha* ...


02 MARCH 2015

Real integration vital to business improvement

Mining companies, probably more than most, understand the impact of cyclical markets – even if they often...


06 FEBRUARY 2015

Mining's chance to lead

All of this demand has a huge impact on the environment and local communities where mining happens. Many...


12 DECEMBER 2014

EY's Downham hits on raison d'etre

Further, we agree that TSR is the reason for any public company’s existence. That is, the delivery of...


09 DECEMBER 2014