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Add new layer of intelligence to your investment decisions Publication of the Mining Journal World Risk Report (feat.MineHutte ratings) is the culmination...


29 September 2017
Test edition
Test edition

Summary of this Test edition


26 September 2017

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Jury out on Cascabel resource

Not all agree, but there is plenty of support for SolGold's first pass numbers

TMAC appoints banker as CEO

BMO mining chief to take on mining company with operational issues

Dumont back as nickel-cobalt opportunity

Quebec nickel-cobalt project taking calls from interested parties

Kingsgate board survives coup

A 55% majority of shareholders backed the Kingsgate chairman

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SEG 2017 Conference, Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond

Detailed Event Info: The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to the SEG 2017 Conference, Ore Deposits of Asia:...

'Dead kangaroo', consultants demise

YOU have to admit that China's willingness to pay about 50% more for OZ and other companies tells you...


01 JANUARY 2014

Solar's chance to shine again

READER Simon Hicks draws our attention to a news report on a new 800mw solar power facility in California....


01 JANUARY 2014

Generation X feedback

Insight – Generation X (HighGrade, March 26, 2007) I WAS really pleased to see the results from across...


01 JANUARY 2014

Swick not fazed by competition

YOUR article on the jumbo mounted carrier that Barminco have had built has been circulating through our...


01 JANUARY 2014

Comment on Slippery tiles

IN YOUR article ‘Slippery tiles’ (HighGrade, February 6, 2013), you missed a few points. Firstly, ‘thrifting’...


14 FEBRUARY 2013

Survey highlights safety emphasis

RESEARCH by ABB’s software and technology arm Ventyx has identified worker safety, capital project management...


23 JANUARY 2013

The gold discussion they didn't have in London: Falling grades and poor returns - why, and who's to blame?

REPORTS from this month’s Mines and Money Conference in London suggest that mining company executives,...


14 DECEMBER 2012

Getting to the bottom of the Intelligent Mine

WHAT is an ‘intelligent mine’ – a marketing slogan, an oxymoron … the industry’s path to the future?...


15 NOVEMBER 2012

Some show mining intelligence

GRAHAM Lumley’s frank and insightful article sparks a few common thoughts. Over the years and over the...


13 NOVEMBER 2012

In the now

IF A ‘champion’, better mine planning and maintenance, and lighter dump truck trays can help a gold mine...



Beyond the black box

MINING is inherently a complex and risky business and for as long as prospectors have been kicking around...


29 AUGUST 2012

West End feedback: Try sometimes

THE recent “View from the West End” column on exploration entitled “Try sometimes” garnered a strong...


20 APRIL 2012

Missing something

YOUR columnist [View from the West End, March 14] wrote: “Missing things is not new … [WMC] sampled over...


18 APRIL 2012

Selling the story

WHEN Gina takes over at Fairfax her first decree might be just a tame one: “Columnists, thou shalt talk...


10 FEBRUARY 2012

HighGrade, Mining Business Media join forces

HIGHGRADE, Australasia’s weekly mining e-magazine, has entered into a joint venture with Mining Business...


30 JANUARY 2012

Mine closure volume fills a void

MINE Pit Lakes: Closure and Management, recently compiled by Clint McCullough and published by the Australian...


19 JANUARY 2012