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29 September 2017
Test edition
Test edition

Summary of this Test edition


26 September 2017

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Jury out on Cascabel resource

Not all agree, but there is plenty of support for SolGold's first pass numbers

TMAC appoints banker as CEO

BMO mining chief to take on mining company with operational issues

Dumont back as nickel-cobalt opportunity

Quebec nickel-cobalt project taking calls from interested parties

Kingsgate board survives coup

A 55% majority of shareholders backed the Kingsgate chairman

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SEG 2017 Conference, Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond

Detailed Event Info: The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to the SEG 2017 Conference, Ore Deposits of Asia:...

More must buy into JORC discussion

STEVE Gemell writes a well-constructed contribution about the Valmin Code and JORC Code. I, like him,...


14 DECEMBER 2011

How the JORC and Valmin codes work

THERE is movement at the station with respect to the JORC Code, as has been evidenced by the recent discussion...


13 DECEMBER 2011

Complexity adds to evaluation challenge

I READ with interest Dr Lumley’s article which raises many issues where new evaluation methodology may...


21 NOVEMBER 2011

Nuclear meltdown

THE ongoing problem that the uranium industry is going to face is that – unlike Chernobyl – the Fukushima...


30 OCTOBER 2011

New face of mine machine monitoring

I JUST wanted to add to comments about Geoff Baldwin and his development of the Tritronics dragline monitor....


18 OCTOBER 2011

Iron doom? Not from where we're standing

NO GREAT surprise hearing Australia’s new crop of iron ore miners and contenders confident they’ve little...


14 OCTOBER 2011

Rocks, stocks and economics: never the twain shall meet

‘GOLD's great divide’ (HighGrade July 14-20, 2011) was a very interesting article. I like the author’s...


28 JULY 2011

Project value confusion reigns

I BELIEVE there is a bit of confusion about the different processes used by mine planners and analysts...


30 JUNE 2011

Reader letters: don't shoot the (NPV) messenger; mine planning gap can be filled

I FULLY support the main thrust of the article, ‘Flawed assumptions and nasty surprises: why we need...


16 JUNE 2011

Not letting facts get in the way of a good political narrative

HANDS up who else was miffed when the self-proclaimed guru of all things to do with climate, Professor...


09 JUNE 2011

The politics of death

BETWEEN 2000 and 2010 about 10,000 people were killed worldwide by All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATVs). In Australia...


08 JUNE 2011

Mining no different, really

Dear Editor I was sitting next to David Hattrick when he asked the question regarding other industries...


25 MAY 2011

The guy who kicked the hornet's nest

NEWCREST Mining boss Ian Smith’s speech in Canberra about the challenges ahead for the Australian mining...


06 APRIL 2011

HighGrade Thought Leader Series: Management vs Analysts feedback

WHEN a mining project is announced to the market (via the ASX, for eg) it is common to see a divergence...


01 FEBRUARY 2011

HighGrade Thought Leader Series: Management vs analysts

IF mining company chief executives never talked to analysts, their industry might be better off. The...


28 JANUARY 2011

Moriarty's reflections

IN “Dr Moriarty baffled by Western zinc theory” in HighGrade on 22 September, your correspondent reported...


03 OCTOBER 2010