A principled approach to remuneration

COMPANIES are continuing to stumble when it comes to aligning the interests of executives and shareholders....

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27 NOVEMBER 2011

Copper prices to fall without more US quantitative easing

THERE is more to the copper market than just China. The conduct of US economic policy may have been just...

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17 NOVEMBER 2011

Coal and Allied directors have taken wrong side in bid

THE bid for Coal and Allied Industries is an outstanding example of why directors should not give investment...

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14 NOVEMBER 2011

Early listing explains weak investment returns

A MAJORITY of Australia’s listed resources companies are failing to make the grade as investments.  For...

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07 NOVEMBER 2011

Resources sector dogs and stars

NOVEMBER 1: AUSTRALIAN resource sector equities are characterised by often extraordinary disparities...

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30 OCTOBER 2011

Lazy forecasters likely to miss turning points

ANYONE interested in the direction of markets needs to make sure they know the difference between extrapolating...

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20 OCTOBER 2011

Why picking commodities doesn't work

THE chance of an investor consistently picking mining stocks based on a view about relative commodity...

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12 OCTOBER 2011

Industry legend slams 'untrustworthy' government

INVESTORS cheered Sundance Resources chairman and mining industry legend George Jones at a Gold Coast...

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05 OCTOBER 2011

Resource investors must confront historical dilemma

SEPTEMBER 29: THE Australian resources market is heading for a record number of consecutive monthly losses....

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Hanlong case shows up flaws in investor protections

THE way the Hanlong Mining insider trading allegations became public itself imposed losses on investors....

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EIM model suggests lower metal prices

ANXIETY over supply shortages, which had driven London metal prices to record levels, seems to be easing....

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Executive equity entitlements questioned

THE financial reporting season for companies brings with it an annual preoccupation with executive salaries....

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BHP Billiton: cuddly teddy bear or nasty surprise?

BEHIND BHP Billiton’s record breaking $US24 billion profit for 2010-11 is a largely unrecognised reliance...

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Companies should aim to boost market liquidity

TO attract investors companies should be concerned about the liquidity profiles of their stocks as well...

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26 AUGUST 2011

Changing investment trend heralds demand for new mines

A ONCE in 30-year change in the investment intensity of global economic growth will change the way investment...

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17 AUGUST 2011

Chinese bargain hunters are outsmarting Oz companies

LARGE gaps between project valuations and what the equity market is prepared to pay are giving Chinese...

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10 AUGUST 2011