Resource sector profits may be big but not super

MARCH 28 - WHILE resources industry profits have grown dramatically, so has the quantity of capital used...

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29 MARCH 2012

Asian century fails to excite Aussie businesses

THE presumptuous declaration by the Australian government of “an Asian century” is possibly wrong and...

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22 MARCH 2012

Resource sector equities could resist China slowdown

NEWS that the Chinese government had foreshadowed a reduced GDP growth rate in 2012 created fresh and...

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13 MARCH 2012

WGC gilds the lily with gold statistics

MARCH 1 - THE World Gold Council is gilding the lily when it comes to presenting statistics about the...

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29 FEBRUARY 2012

Nuclear power potential damaged by industry track record

A HISTORY of delays, cost overruns and regulatory hurdles have to be overcome to make the nuclear power...

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23 FEBRUARY 2012

Weaknesses show up in results from market leaders

THE strengths and weaknesses of BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto were on show when the companies posted results...

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14 FEBRUARY 2012

Big deals may signal end of cycle

THE possibility of Xstrata hooking up with Glencore could be construed as an ominous sign for investors...

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07 FEBRUARY 2012

Markets need to re-define what they mean by normal

NO matter how many times economists and investment strategists repeat how important the emerging economies...

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01 FEBRUARY 2012

December quarter stars and dogs

USING the best performing stocks from the September quarter as an investment guide would have delivered...

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24 JANUARY 2012

Capital management will be key 2012 theme

AUSTRALIAN resources equities can deliver some outstanding calendar year results but investors must bear...

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14 DECEMBER 2011

NSW government tells Nucoal to stop

AMONG the challenges confronting mining companies striking out into new locations are unscrupulous politicians...

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11 DECEMBER 2011

Missed targets cost Sundance shareholders $400m

SUNDANCE Resources has been using up its credibility vouchers by repeatedly missing business milestones...

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02 DECEMBER 2011

A principled approach to remuneration

COMPANIES are continuing to stumble when it comes to aligning the interests of executives and shareholders....

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27 NOVEMBER 2011

Copper prices to fall without more US quantitative easing

THERE is more to the copper market than just China. The conduct of US economic policy may have been just...

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17 NOVEMBER 2011

Coal and Allied directors have taken wrong side in bid

THE bid for Coal and Allied Industries is an outstanding example of why directors should not give investment...

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14 NOVEMBER 2011

Early listing explains weak investment returns

A MAJORITY of Australia’s listed resources companies are failing to make the grade as investments.  For...

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07 NOVEMBER 2011