A significant anniversary for BHP

In 1885, exactly 130 years ago this week, Broken Hill Proprietary was incorporated

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14 AUGUST 2015

Coal's ASEAN future

Climate and development objectives need to be treated as integrated priorities to overcome global challenges...

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06 AUGUST 2015

The spotlight turns yellow

Bearish news highlights those able to weather the storm best

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23 JULY 2015

Qatari exit not the start of a trend

Decision not to participate in future investments by QKR doesn't seem indicative of mining PE exodus...

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02 JULY 2015

We've got you covered

London's big miners should be able to cover their respective dividends through the cycle, according to...

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25 JUNE 2015

Unlocking Afghanistan's mineral wealth

The war-torn country has massive mineral potential, but digging it out is an entirely different matter...


17 JUNE 2015

CCS is working … well

Canada power generation project could be lighting the way to a cleaner energy future

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10 JUNE 2015

Surveys highlight bribery/corruption knowledge gap

Mining heading into deeper anti-bribery and corruption compliance waters

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21 MAY 2015

Productivity test Mk V (or X, or something)

Industry's search for sustainable productivity improvement continues as big-spending era raises production...

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12 MAY 2015

It's Toronto first, daylight second

World's deepest mining equity market shows resilience in the face of broader downturn

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08 MAY 2015

Does a leopard need to change all its spots?

Ecuador talks a good game, but can it keep to its word?

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28 APRIL 2015

Cost of non-compliance is high

Maintaining a public listing is a costly exercise, and comes with heavy responsibilities

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16 APRIL 2015

Spanish flyer

Modern approaches to exploration and mine development hold the key to Spanish industry revival

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27 MARCH 2015

M&A in the slow lane

Mining and metals M&A still a hot topic, even though the sector appetite for deals has cooled

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20 MARCH 2015

Pop goes the gold stock

Allied Nevada has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

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13 MARCH 2015

Year of the tiger?

Mining Journal, meanwhile, kicked off its new debate series by posing the seemingly eternal question:...

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05 MARCH 2015