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29 September 2017
Test edition
Test edition

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26 September 2017

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Jury out on Cascabel resource

Not all agree, but there is plenty of support for SolGold's first pass numbers

TMAC appoints banker as CEO

BMO mining chief to take on mining company with operational issues

Dumont back as nickel-cobalt opportunity

Quebec nickel-cobalt project taking calls from interested parties

Kingsgate board survives coup

A 55% majority of shareholders backed the Kingsgate chairman

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SEG 2017 Conference, Ore Deposits of Asia: China and Beyond

Detailed Event Info: The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to the SEG 2017 Conference, Ore Deposits of Asia:...

Changing risk, reward picture

These countries, generally less volatile than the higher-risk countries, will always be favoured by the...

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11 DECEMBER 2014

Changing tune

Whether to shift attention away from current dispiriting times for iron-ore producers, or FMG’s looming...

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22 NOVEMBER 2014

Welcome to the new Mining Journal!

The launch of the new Mining Journal website is a watershed for publisher Aspermont Media, and our readers....

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04 NOVEMBER 2014

Awards time is near

The industry’s biggest annual awards night is about a month away and nominations are in for gongs that...

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31 OCTOBER 2014

Pipeline with thin zinc lining

Jeff Elliott, chief of global consulting firm CSA, which does a lot of work in the zinc space, says most...

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31 OCTOBER 2014

Blowing in the wind

Chile, says global accounting firm EY, is at the “epicentre of [a growing worldwide] conflict” with its...

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31 OCTOBER 2014

Lagging indicators

Doing this ignores some hefty reports on the same topic already circulated in recent times, but also...

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31 OCTOBER 2014

Strong outlook galvanises investors

The ILZSG says the global market for refined zinc metal was in deficit by about 250,000t from January...

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30 OCTOBER 2014

The right Rox

A FARE the other night said he very much liked the look of Rox (ASX: RXL) and Cullen (ASX: CUL), two...

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21 FEBRUARY 2013

No pain, no gain - a familiar DRC refrain

ALMOST incredibly, the Democratic Republic of Congo has probably, relatively speaking at least, been...

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31 JANUARY 2013

Stocking up on gold

CABBIE has been a bit busy of late getting ready for the stark raving mad season – hence the dearth of...

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17 DECEMBER 2012

Clearing the Fekola decks

NOVEMBER 12: GROUNDHOG day it was most evidently not! In stark contrast to the scene 12 months ago, there...

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11 NOVEMBER 2012

Blackthorn questions ... and answers please

AS FAR as rhetorical questions go, the one or two about Blackthorn Resources and the Australian investment...

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Spark will light Panoramic outlook

WHAT the devil is wrong at Panoramic Resources? Or, what the hell is the problem with investors? One...

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Hot Fekola could get hotter still

THE “most desirable deposit in West Africa” owned by a junior is what some are calling it, and while...

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05 JULY 2012

Globe lights up in mining's gloomy world

FOR those of brave persuasion who haven’t given up entirely or been forcibly institutionalised, Globe...

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13 JUNE 2012