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"[Coffee] drinkers can have confidence…"

One of the world’s biggest miners and a multinational coffee company have met on a coffee commitment.
"[Coffee] drinkers can have confidence…" "[Coffee] drinkers can have confidence…" "[Coffee] drinkers can have confidence…" "[Coffee] drinkers can have confidence…" "[Coffee] drinkers can have confidence…"

Rio Tinto and Nespresso team up in coffee capsule commitment. Image:

Staff reporter

Nespresso said it would be the first company to use "responsibly sourced aluminium", supplied Rio Tinto (LSE: RIO), to produce its coffee capsules.

The pair has signed a memorandum of understanding to work with the capsule manufacturers to source 100% sustainable aluminium by 2020, using a certification process by non-profit organisation Aluminium Stewardship Initiative.

The ASI said its chain of custody standard was the first of its kind for any industrial metal.

"Now companies in the aluminium value chain who wish to demonstrate responsible practices can take the ASI standards forward to their customers, who can, in turn, be confident that this represents the highest environmental, social and governance standards," CEO Fiona Solomon said.

Rio and Nespresso said they looked forward to other producers and end-users adopting ASI certification to meet demand from consumers for more sustainable supply chains.

"We expect the demand from consumers for sustainable products to continue growing and Nespresso drinkers can have confidence the aluminium we supply for their capsules meets the highest international standards," Rio Aluminium CEO Alf Barrios said.

Rio said its ASI certified aluminium was produced using a "chain of custody" from the Gove bauxite mine in Australia to its refinery, smelters and casthouses in Canada.