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Striking out

The first strike was a decision to not seek a full London listing for the spin-off dubbed NewCo, an oversight

Miner's right

24 NOV 2014

FMG's questions for tomorrow

Hit hard by the plunging price for its only product, Fortescue’s mercurial founder and chairman, Andrew

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19 NOV 2014

Cost curve a slippery dip for some

That might sound simplistic, especially for people such as accountants and lawyers who like to make things

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10 NOV 2014

Buying in bulk

A rising price for bauxite, the primary ore of aluminium oxide (alumina) which eventually becomes aluminium

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03 NOV 2014

Back to the future

Where the clock stops for mining is as uncertain as time travel in Back to the Future, a movie which

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30 OCT 2014

Cutting to the chase

Lessons from the past point to some of the problems the world’s two biggest mining companies are likely

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26 OCT 2014

Iron horse may have bolted

A single number from a single industry is where the clues to what happened in the past and what might


16 OCT 2014

Africa rising

When launched 10 years ago ADU seemed laughable. Why, asked the doubters, would anyone travel to Australia,


07 OCT 2014

Feasting off crumbs

Sometimes the best exploration results come from prospecting someone else's data base, especially the

Europe/Middle East

14 DEC 2012

Small is dangerous

If he had not died 62 years ago, Joseph Schumpeter would doubtless be smiling at the plight of small


07 DEC 2012

The China factor

Sherlock Holmes will probably not be attending next week's Mines and Money conference in London, but

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30 NOV 2012

Prospecting from space

If a technology ‘big bang' can revolutionise the world's oil and gas industry, which it has, could the

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23 NOV 2012

The grand gamble

Unless there is another delay, the mining world is about to witness a grand gamble that is the creation

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16 NOV 2012

Out of Africa

South Africans do not need anyone to explain the word “laager”�. It is their version of the American


09 NOV 2012

History Lesson

History has an unpleasant way of repeating itself, as some shareholders in BHP Billiton are starting

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27 JAN 2012

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