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IT DOESN’T take a rocket scientist to look at my nose or listen to me moan in winter to conclude that

M & A (mayhem and anarchy)

INVESTMENT banking is a funny old game. Not so much ‘funny ha ha’, although we did use to have a good

A dignified death

I AM of an age now where I am beginning to contemplate death. Not seriously mind you; I may feel a little

It's all relative

I HAVE never been one for standing still. Laying still perhaps, if a particularly nasty hangover makes

The essential geologist's guide to life, the universe and (just about) everything

BONJOUR. Merci. Un Biere froid s’il vous plait. Le recu s’il vous plait. No one can ever accuse me of

This time it's different

CRIKEY Mikey, what a week that was. The markets are in flames and so it seems is London; time to knuckle

Magic numbers

I THINK we have all heard that joke about a businessman interviewing a number of people, I think from

Breaking up is hard to do

COME to my arms my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!' Break out the champagne, ring the bells,

Stick to your knitting

I DO love it when fat, middle aged, Guinness-swilling smokers win major sporting events. There is hope

Like sands through the hourglass

I SUSPECT I am not alone in having a bookshelf at home stuffed to overflowing with great literary classics

The value of things

“THE cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”, or so said Oscar Wilde. Sounds very

I have a Swiss watch

NOW I am not being a show off. It is not a Rolex or one of those other poncy brands you see advertised

Tis the season

I THINK I have written of this before, that brief period at the start of the English summer where for

Probability sucks

THE synchronised swimming at next year’s Olympics will have to go ahead without me. I am sure the boys

Everybody has one

OPINIONS, as I was once told by a very wise man, are a bit like rear-ends – everybody has one and everyone

I am rather pleased not to be dead

THE more observant among you may have noted that the world did not end a week or so ago. It did not,

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