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Progress of a different kind

The departure of stalwarts such as Les Emery and Paul Benson from their long-term chief executive posts...


02 MAY 2014


Mergers and acquisitions will drive more mining technology companies from the US$100-to-US$250 million...

Europe/Middle East

25 APRIL 2014

Irons in the fire

China's Year of the Horse marks a critical juncture for the global mining industry's perennial frontrunners...


17 APRIL 2014

Gold standards

While much has changed for gold equities over the past 12 months or so, one golden rule still applies....

Europe/Middle East

11 APRIL 2014

Stronger for longer

Dean Dalla Valle's long-term love affair with coal shows no signs of abating despite the pressures the...


04 APRIL 2014

D-day here for NWT

Devolution, decentralisation, diversification and development: they're all important words to David Ramsay....

North America

28 MARCH 2014

Grounds for a rethink

Scandinavia, Canada, Australia and Chile are some of the hotbeds of global minerals research and development...


21 MARCH 2014

Africa still the place to be

While mining equity markets, and just about everyone else, are having a long pause and hard think about...


14 MARCH 2014

Don't mention the 'R' word

Talk about new frontiers for mineral exploration and development, as with ‘new horizons for trade and...


07 MARCH 2014

Best in class

One gold miner describes itself as the “Miner of Choice”� (and has trademarked the slogan!). A big diversified...

Europe/Middle East

28 FEBRUARY 2014

Rarer still

“The rare-earths industry is in a state of transition,”� the co-authors of a new report on the sector...


21 FEBRUARY 2014

Results pending

Australia's Tony Abbott-led coalition government has already vowed to axe the taxes – federal mining...


14 FEBRUARY 2014