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Tapping into graphene

Perth, Western Australia, is a city built on commodities such as iron ore and gold, so it is instructive...


06 OCTOBER 2014

Gold struggles as diamonds sparkle

Tanzania is Africa's fourth-largest gold producer and is also a significant producer of gemstones, with...


03 OCTOBER 2014

Could 2D material fuel 3D printing boom?

The purchase of a graphene sample by a 3D printing company this week highlighted the potential for one...


24 JULY 2014


Most of the talk about market darling Syrah Resources Ltd has been in reference to the company's promising...


19 JUNE 2014

Central Europe: Long road for Central Europe

Althoughcentral Europe may not be the first region that springs to mind when it comes to mining and mining...

Europe/Middle East

01 MAY 2014

Graphite: Graphite ahoy!

The graphite market has been on its knees for the last couple of years, but now there is an air of excitement...


16 APRIL 2014

Miner's right: Irrational exuberance?

Speculators have been busy over the past few weeks in the graphite sector, but whether their trading...


04 APRIL 2014

Talking about graphite

Admittedly, it's not the most glamorous sector, but Manoli Yannaghas, managing director of London's only...


04 APRIL 2014

Madagascar: A state of repair

Madagascar has a large number of minerals spread over the entire country. These resources are, however,...


20 MARCH 2014

Critical metals: EU dithers on critical metals

Raw materials are the foundation of a large number of industrial value chains in the European Union (EU)....

Europe/Middle East

13 DECEMBER 2013

EYe on mining: Super-cycle hangover

Mining and metals companies face a growing threat of substitution and many commodities including copper,...

Base metals

11 OCTOBER 2013

Australia: Building on resilience

South Australia has emerged from the last decade with increasing resilience, and is viewed as a proven...


26 JULY 2013