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EYe on mining: Super-cycle hangover

Mining and metals companies face a growing threat of substitution and many commodities including copper,...

Base metals

11 OCTOBER 2013

Australia: Building on resilience

South Australia has emerged from the last decade with increasing resilience, and is viewed as a proven...


26 JULY 2013

Baxter resigns

Toronto-listed Northern Graph­ite Corp said Don Baxter had resigned as president.  Baxter, a mining...


19 JULY 2013

Graphite: Keeping up with demand

From lubricants and pencils to batteries and photovoltaic cells, the demand for graphite continues to...


19 APRIL 2013

Focus: Madagascar: Turning a corner

The remote Indian Ocean island of Madagascar has been in political isolation since a coup in 2009 hit...


22 MARCH 2013

Feasting off crumbs

Sometimes the best exploration results come from prospecting someone else's data base, especially the...

Europe/Middle East

14 DECEMBER 2012

Graphite 2007

After a slightly negative 12 months, 2007 should prove to be definitely positive year for the natural...


01 JANUARY 2007

Graphite (2006)

The US graphite market in 2006 and, probably, the world graphite market in 2006, looks as if it is going...


01 JANUARY 2006

Graphite - 2005

The graphite market in 2004 was much better than it has been in recent years; 2005 was predicted to be...


01 JANUARY 2005