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Canada: Oil pressure squeezes other sectors

The big story in Alberta is of a booming oil-sands industry that ranks third globally after Venezuela...

North America

10 JANUARY 2014

Fresh face at Cairn

Vedanta Resources plc oil subsidiary Cairn India Ltd made former BHP Billiton (BHPB) executive Mike Yeager...


20 DECEMBER 2013

'Rising commodity prices stoke resource nationalism'

As commodity prices rise, so does the frequency of disputes between mining companies and host governments,...

Europe/Middle East

29 NOVEMBER 2013

Hoare joins Strand

Resources specialist Tim Hoare was appointed as a partner at Strand Partners, joining partner Ian Hannam,...


18 OCTOBER 2013

EYe on Mining: Adding value

The need for a social licence to operate (SLO) is readily accepted by the mining sector. It is an issue...


09 AUGUST 2013

Kilgour steps up

Coal, copper, zinc and oil sands producer Teck Resources Ltd made Ian Kilgour chief operating officer,...

North America

28 JUNE 2013

Uncertain times

In December 2012, the Mongolian government published a draft proposal of a minerals law that sought to...


15 MARCH 2013

Whither Chinese consumption in the Year of the Snake?

After the global financial crisis, China's leaders took concerted action to increase growth and consumption....


08 MARCH 2013

Carbon Is taking off

 A materials revolution is in progress, characterised by a shift away from iron and steel and towards...


15 FEBRUARY 2013

Hancock diversifies

In Australia, a subsidiary of iron-ore miner Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd took part in a notes issue for...


01 FEBRUARY 2013

Ecuador: Project backlog awaits reform

The outcome of Ecuador's February presidential elections could provide much-needed impetus for breaking...

Central/South America

01 FEBRUARY 2013

BHPB sells LNG project stakes to China for US$1.63 bn

BHP Billiton agreed to sell its stake in an offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) project to PetroChina,...


14 DECEMBER 2012