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A gold producer of some note in the making

THE merger of International Goldfields and Santa Fe Gold Corp makes a lot of sense. And throws up the...

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17 NOVEMBER 2012

Gold satellites - buyer beware

PRESUMABLY retail investors and any fund manager offered shares in any future spin out of assets from...

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08 NOVEMBER 2012

Well just start here, for now

NOVEMBER 5: WHILE high-grade gold projects print cash, the invariable challenge is efficiently drilling...

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05 NOVEMBER 2012

Apatit auction opens

A number of phosphate producers are preparing to take part in an auction for the Russian government's...

Europe/Middle East

18 MAY 2012

UCL refuses Minemakers bid

UCL Resources Ltd has spurned a buyout proposal from Minemakers Ltd, the firm's partner in a Namibian...


24 FEBRUARY 2012

Minemakers makes pitch for partner

Minemakers Ltd, an Australia-based phosphate producer, has made an unsolicited US$24.4 million offer...


17 FEBRUARY 2012

Risk mapped

The New Year is almost upon us, and many governments appear ill-equipped to manage the severe economic...

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09 DECEMBER 2011

Central Africa: Moving on from oil

The Gulf of Guinea, sometimes referred to as the ‘elbow' of West Africa, is best known for the offshore...


09 DECEMBER 2011

Malawi: struggling to advance

Until late 2009 Malawi was making good progress towards attainment of its UN Millennium Development Goals...


28 OCTOBER 2011

Bronze place

Rather unheralded among the plethora of other statistics, but gold has probably just overtaken copper...

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EYe on mining:Troubling times for junior miners

As the world's stock markets respond to the threat of a full blown sovereign debt crisis and the risk...



Iron assurance

The list of the most important metals and minerals, in terms of their mined value, is dominated by coal,...


29 JULY 2011