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Sukuk Credit

Attempts by Dubai World to restructure its US$26 billion debt have dominated the financial press this...


11 DECEMBER 2009

Freewest Battle

The battle between Noront Resources Ltd and Cliffs Natural Resources Inc for Freewest Resources Canada...

North America

09 DECEMBER 2009

Sino sink

Overcapacity in a sector can have a profound impact on it and on dozens of associated industries. It...


04 DECEMBER 2009

Risk returns

Just as we started to look forward to Christmas, the markets have fired a Scrooge-like shot across our...

Europe/Middle East

27 NOVEMBER 2009

Road ahead

Platinum and palladium are fascinating metals, being valued both for their aesthetic and physical properties....


20 NOVEMBER 2009

Lonmin sees 'early signs of improvement' in platinum

  Lonmin plc sees signs of improvement in the industry, with the possibility of a "slow" recovery...


16 NOVEMBER 2009

Drama Continues

The furore over corporate upheavals at Anglo American Corp and Impala Platinum had scarcely begun to...


13 NOVEMBER 2009

Rough Club

Groucho Marx is famously quoted as saying “I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like...


13 NOVEMBER 2009

New chairman for Implats

The board of Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd is set to nominate Khotso Mokhele as the its new chairman on...


06 NOVEMBER 2009

Impaired vision

Despite the severe economic conditions of late 2008 and early 2009, few mining companies wrote down their...

Europe/Middle East

06 NOVEMBER 2009

Community toolkit

The ability to handle local grievances has leapt up the skills ‘wish list' of mining executives. Hardly...


30 OCTOBER 2009

Pike River limping, not running

WHAT looks like a high-cost, problematic mine from afar didn’t get any prettier up close for Craigs Investment...


29 OCTOBER 2009