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Central control

There was a poignant moment at last week's Mines and Money conference in Hong Kong when the chairman...

Central/South America

01 APRIL 2011

Stress test

Last Friday's shattering earthquake in Japan, and subsequent tsunami, has left far better writers than...


18 MARCH 2011

BASF sells K+S stake for €1 billion

Chemical company BASF SE has sold its 10.3% stake in German potash and fertiliser company K+S AG through...

Europe/Middle East

18 MARCH 2011

BASF sells stake in K+S Group

Chemical company, BASF SE has announced the sale of its 10.3% stake in German potash and fertilizer company...

Europe/Middle East

11 MARCH 2011

Risk fuelled

For gold bulls, it doesn't get much better. A weak US dollar, concern over European debt, turmoil in...


04 MARCH 2011


What do Bosnia, Brazil, Colombia, Gabon, Germany, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal and South Africa...


18 FEBRUARY 2011

Pricking bubbles

The global demand for a range of commodities hit all-time highs in 2010, which was much earlier in the...

Europe/Middle East

04 FEBRUARY 2011

Sirius buys UK potash company

Sirius Minerals plc has announced the acquisition of York Potash Ltd, a company analysing the potential...

Europe/Middle East

21 JANUARY 2011

Cargill to spin-off controlling stake in potash giant

Cargill Inc, the largest privately-owned company in the US by revenue, has announced plans to split off...

North America

21 JANUARY 2011

Blame allocated

The past week has seen two important safety-related announcements. Although both developments emanated...


14 JANUARY 2011

Russia's US$24bn potash merger to create global giant

Uralkali OAO, Russia's largest potash producer, has proposed a cash and share acquisition of smaller...

Capital markets

07 JANUARY 2011

African union

Encouragingly, I seem to be mellowing with age. Either that or, after what seems an eternity of reporting...


10 DECEMBER 2010