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Developing edge

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was in London this week as part of an official European tour. Despite the...


01 JULY 2011

Indonesia: a country of contradictions

Indonesia's GDP expanded 6.1% in 2010, compared with 4.5% in 2009. The World Bank forecasts 6.4% growth...


24 JUNE 2011

Red Signal

Speakers at this week's Mines and Money Beijing conference queued up to explain China's prodigious appetite...


17 JUNE 2011

Uncertainty modelled

THOSE involved in the mining industry need little reminding of its uncertainties. From the vagaries of...

North America

03 JUNE 2011

Dinosaurs first

The volume of ‘significant' acquisitions in the mining industry (those individually valued at more than...


20 MAY 2011

Royal lesson

Sorry, you will have been hoping for something different. However, with the world and his dog camped...

Europe/Middle East

28 APRIL 2011

High rise

You can't keep gold down for long. Just seven weeks since it was last the focus of this page, here it...

Europe/Middle East

21 APRIL 2011

Stepping out

We witnessed a rare event this week – Ivan Glasenberg gave an interview. However, as chief executive...


15 APRIL 2011

Central control

There was a poignant moment at last week's Mines and Money conference in Hong Kong when the chairman...

Central/South America

01 APRIL 2011

Western Europe: New approach

In January the European Commission (EC) adopted a raw-materials strategy that set out targeted measures...

Europe/Middle East

25 MARCH 2011

Stress test

Last Friday's shattering earthquake in Japan, and subsequent tsunami, has left far better writers than...


18 MARCH 2011

Zijin to battle lawsuit

China's Zijin Mining Group Co has received confirmation that a court in Guangdong Province will hear...

Base metals

18 MARCH 2011