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Risk fuelled

For gold bulls, it doesn't get much better. A weak US dollar, concern over European debt, turmoil in...


04 MARCH 2011


What do Bosnia, Brazil, Colombia, Gabon, Germany, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal and South Africa...


18 FEBRUARY 2011

Villagers sue Zijin over spill

Zijin Mining Group Co has been sued for Yu170 million (US$26 million) in damages following a series of...

Base metals

15 FEBRUARY 2011

Pricking bubbles

The global demand for a range of commodities hit all-time highs in 2010, which was much earlier in the...

Europe/Middle East

04 FEBRUARY 2011

Blame allocated

The past week has seen two important safety-related announcements. Although both developments emanated...


14 JANUARY 2011

African union

Encouragingly, I seem to be mellowing with age. Either that or, after what seems an eternity of reporting...


10 DECEMBER 2010

Shells landing

You did not need to be in Yeonpyeong this week to experience a profound shock. Suddenly the world seems...


26 NOVEMBER 2010

Infrastructure key to coal growth

INVESTMENT in road, rail and port infrastructure is key to boosting Colombian coal exports as producers...


12 NOVEMBER 2010

Coking coal sales on the rise

COLOMBIA is on track to export 1.7 million tonnes of coking coal in 2010 as global demand increases,...


12 NOVEMBER 2010

Lithe Carabella to list

AFTER working next door for a number of years, Mitch Jakeman was quick to seize the opportunity to explore...


11 NOVEMBER 2010

No wildcats here

A NON-executive director who helped drill the first coal in the Bowen Basin, a mine planning and coal...


10 NOVEMBER 2010

Coalspur primes for pre-feasibility

WITH just one week to go before Coalspur releases its much-anticipated Vista pre-feasibility study, the...


10 NOVEMBER 2010