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Stern test

It is barely nine weeks since Mining Journal ran an article from Tommy Helsby of Kroll on the dangers...


01 APRIL 2010

Resource diplomacy

It is often said that World War III will be fought over water rights, rather than territory. It is equally...


19 MARCH 2010

Canadian puck

The hosts achieved a record haul of gold at the recent Winter Olympic Games, with the record-clinching...


05 MARCH 2010

Planting Season

The northern hemisphere might still be in the grip of winter, but the mining industry's thoughts have...


19 FEBRUARY 2010

Trading places

At the end of last week, the chief financial officer of Rio Tinto, Guy Elliott, said that the global...


12 FEBRUARY 2010


As half the globe knows by now, Apple Inc has put an end to weeks of speculation by unveiling its new...


05 FEBRUARY 2010

Casual corruption

The mining industry is castigated in a Mining Journal article this week. The criticism is all the more...


29 JANUARY 2010

Story time

As a mining-company executive (if you are not, bear with me – pretend), what is your worst corporate...


15 JANUARY 2010

Sukuk Credit

Attempts by Dubai World to restructure its US$26 billion debt have dominated the financial press this...


11 DECEMBER 2009

Community toolkit

The ability to handle local grievances has leapt up the skills ‘wish list' of mining executives. Hardly...


30 OCTOBER 2009

Pike River limping, not running

WHAT looks like a high-cost, problematic mine from afar didn’t get any prettier up close for Craigs Investment...


29 OCTOBER 2009

Moatize 'starting to become a real coal basin'

DEVELOPMENT of new tier-one coal projects in Mozambique’s Moatize Basin will accelerate changes occurring...


29 OCTOBER 2009