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An age of discovery

For someone with his terrestrial credentials – for seeing in rocks what few others see – Richard Sillitoe...


18 JANUARY 2015

After the dust settles

There was a global intake of breathe as an audacious rescue plan to winch every one of them to safety...


15 DECEMBER 2014

Driving future metal demand

Friedland expected the introduction of the Toyota Mirai (pictured) next year to change the automobile...

Pic of the week

15 DECEMBER 2014

Mining's chance to lead

All of this demand has a huge impact on the environment and local communities where mining happens. Many...


12 DECEMBER 2014

Anglo navigates choppy waters

So it was unfortunate that on Tuesday (December 9) Anglo said at an investor presentation it would fail...


10 DECEMBER 2014

UQ program aims to refine new leaders

University of Queensland offshoot, JKTech, says its new Mining Leaders’ Program aims to address a “global...


10 DECEMBER 2014

Seven red flags for mining, from a fox's perspective

The former head of Anglo American’s gold and uranium division and the co-author with Chantell Ilbury...

Europe/Middle East

09 DECEMBER 2014

Anglo's Kweyama to head Busa

Kweyama will be with Busa, an organisation representing the interests of the business community in South...


08 DECEMBER 2014

Anglo to abandon Peru copper project

Under the terms of the agreement, Anglo American Michiquillay has begun the appropriate legal processes...

Central/South America

08 DECEMBER 2014

The innovation game (Part I)

The three speakers on said panel – Barrick Gold’s Iain Bell, The Disruptive Discoveries Journal’s Chris...


07 DECEMBER 2014

The innovation game (Part II)

It and US-based Automation Solutions Inc (ASI) have teamed up to retrofit some of its trucks across the...


06 DECEMBER 2014

Dassault helps miners get creative

In line with recent comments by key customer Anglo American, Rabasso believes the difficult times in...


04 DECEMBER 2014