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Diamonds deal with stinking hangover

Diamonds deal with stinking hangover

Flagging economic data has underpinned an overhang in diamond supply

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05 NOVEMBER 2015
A tough year for diamond stocks

A tough year for diamond stocks

Petra expects prices to stabilise with high season coming up

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29 OCTOBER 2015

Ghaghoo needs more time

Still below steady-state capacity, but knowledge is building


20 AUGUST 2015

Diamond miners roll out dividends

High percentage of standalone diamond miners have initiated first-ever dividends over the past 12 months...

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16 JUNE 2015

Diamond miners form association

Big diamond producers combine to help develop sector's appeal

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28 MAY 2015

Gem Diamonds execs stand down

Diamond producer on the lookout for new board members


31 MARCH 2015

Russian diamond prices fall 16% year-on-year

This quarter-on-quarter increase was primarily driven by completion of planned maintenance at the company’s...


31 JANUARY 2015

Technology, trucks boost Gem Diamonds

The disclosure, in an interview with Mining Journal, came amid market disappointment at a trading update...


27 JANUARY 2015

Good Khama

Preliminary results from Botswana’s election show former army general, Ian Khama has been elected to...


28 OCTOBER 2014