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Peru: a muddy picture for mining

Peru: a muddy picture for mining

Opposition has more support in legislature than new pro-business president

Lessons learnt in Latin America

Lessons learnt in Latin America

History may provide investors with the recipe for success

Central/South America

15 FEBRUARY 2016

New reforms, old problems

Structural hurdles continue to hinder mining investment in the former Yugoslavia

Europe/Middle East

29 APRIL 2015

Ecudaor dangles a golden carrot

Where once an onerous tax regime ensured the country was starved of significant investment in its vast...

Central/South America

25 JANUARY 2015

Changing risk, reward picture

These countries, generally less volatile than the higher-risk countries, will always be favoured by the...

MJ comment

11 DECEMBER 2014

Firm maps 2015 political risk outlook

Risk advisory firm Maplecroft’s 2015 Political Risk Atlas (PRA) presents results of some heavy-lifting...


10 DECEMBER 2014

Crisis could derail Burkina mining investment

Instability has been compounded by the subsequent seizure of power by military authorities in an apparent...


05 NOVEMBER 2014

West Africa in riskier climate territory

In the latest edition of its annual climate change vulnerability index, the consultancy said displacement...


31 OCTOBER 2014