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Orbis Gold confronts reality

Mining companies frequently use feasibility study valuations as bait to attract investors. The pitch...

From the Capital

16 FEBRUARY 2015

Orbis board accepts Semafo's increased offer

At A$0.713/share the new bid price is just under 10% more than what was originally proposed. It is also...


12 FEBRUARY 2015

Timing key in Orbis fight

As with any takeover, fairness is unlikely to have been a primary motivation. SEMAFO directors will know...


29 NOVEMBER 2014

Orbis dilemma highlights wider test

Orbis told the market it had appointed Cutfield Freeman as “an independent debt advisor” after “approaches...

Capital markets

21 NOVEMBER 2014

Groundhog day

A lot of political water has passed under the bridge in Burkina Faso since Semafo’s unfriendly play for...


14 NOVEMBER 2014

Orbis holders can stay in the game

That at least is an obvious conclusion to be drawn if the example of Papillon Resources is anything to...


02 NOVEMBER 2014