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First Majestic to acquire SilverCrest

Mexico focused producer adds another mine to portfolio

North America

28 JULY 2015

Fresnillo makes its gold move

Mexico miner's gold focus leads to precious metals switch


22 JULY 2015

North America project focus

Quality evident in exclusive Canada and US emerging projects list

North America

21 JULY 2015

Fresnillo to spend big on Mexico

Eight projects in pipeline, exploration chief says

North America

20 JULY 2015

San Dimas licence issue hits Primero

Toronto-listed precious metals miner's exports scuppered by suspended licence


14 JULY 2015

Technology a key to First Majestic growth

Silver producer positions itself better to 'manufacture' more silver - and higher profits

North America

13 JULY 2015

Chesapeake checks Metates desalination option

Toronto-listed gold company exploring alternative water supply opportunities

North America

09 JULY 2015

Mexico draws miners despite tax, social headwinds

Mineral-rich country maintains investment appeal amid regulatory change and security challenges

North America

03 JULY 2015

Mexico's golden M&A opportunities

After a steady flow of gold-sector M&A in Mexico, juniors with assets find themselves in a good position...

North America

01 JULY 2015

Innovation the golden key for Torex

Transport vital to cutting operating costs at new Mexico gold mine


25 JUNE 2015

Veteran miner rides in at Bacanora

A small lithium company in northern Mexico attracts an industry big hitter. Why?

Challenges persist for Latin American mining

Significant hurdles still for governments and private investors looking to realise more of the region's...