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No pain, no gain - a familiar DRC refrain

ALMOST incredibly, the Democratic Republic of Congo has probably, relatively speaking at least, been...

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31 JANUARY 2013

Pillars of salt

London had its first dusting of snow this week and the initial excitement inevitably turned to concerns...

Europe/Middle East

18 JANUARY 2013

Stocking up on gold

CABBIE has been a bit busy of late getting ready for the stark raving mad season – hence the dearth of...

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17 DECEMBER 2012

Clearing the Fekola decks

NOVEMBER 12: GROUNDHOG day it was most evidently not! In stark contrast to the scene 12 months ago, there...

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11 NOVEMBER 2012

Handovers and hangovers

The past few days have seen the last-ever LME week before Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEx)...


19 OCTOBER 2012

Laser scanning of Bath's underground mines commended for innovation

Advanced laser scanning technology has been used to create a permanent record of post-medieval underground...

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04 OCTOBER 2012

Blackthorn questions ... and answers please

AS FAR as rhetorical questions go, the one or two about Blackthorn Resources and the Australian investment...

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Spark will light Panoramic outlook

WHAT the devil is wrong at Panoramic Resources? Or, what the hell is the problem with investors? One...

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Faster, Higher, Stronger

It is difficult not to get caught up in Olympic fever and now that Team GB has won its first gold medals,...

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03 AUGUST 2012

Hot Fekola could get hotter still

THE “most desirable deposit in West Africa” owned by a junior is what some are calling it, and while...

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05 JULY 2012

Globe lights up in mining's gloomy world

FOR those of brave persuasion who haven’t given up entirely or been forcibly institutionalised, Globe...

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13 JUNE 2012

Build it, and they will come

THE mine in the Philippines that many said would never be built is being built, and with investors and...

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31 MAY 2012