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China reignites its love affair with Africa

Today the relationship has more of an economic flavour. Africa is looking for reliable partners as it...


09 MARCH 2015

An African perspective

He was speaking after Zambia last month hiked royalties by as much as 200% for some copper producers,...


09 FEBRUARY 2015

Disorder in the house

Unfortunately, what you deserve and what you get can be very different, which might seem unfair until...

Miner's right

04 FEBRUARY 2015

A year to forget

Continuing pressure on producers had global ramifications: mine operations were suspended, expansion...


23 JANUARY 2015

Resource nationalism: a theme for all seasons

The answer, according to some analysts, is more resource nationalism (if that is the right word), not...


06 JANUARY 2015

Barrick to suspend Lumwana on royalty hike

The new code eliminates corporate income tax, but imposes a 20% gross royalty on revenue, an increase...


19 DECEMBER 2014

Gemfields targets expansion

He was speaking on the sidelines of Mines and Money, just months after the company reported it had swung...

Europe/Middle East

03 DECEMBER 2014

Africa has 'generational' mining skills challenge

Byrnecut, Australia’s most internationally active hard-rock underground mining contractor, returned to...


30 OCTOBER 2014

Further uncertainty for Zambia

News this week that president Michael Sata died in London while undergoing medical treatment has sent...


29 OCTOBER 2014

Strong supply pipeline resists jams

Starting last year, and extending out to at least 2016, the results of this expansion in investment are...

Central/South America

26 OCTOBER 2014

Strong supply pipeline resists jams

For some years now, the global copper industry has struggled to keep pace with the growth in demand for...


10 OCTOBER 2014

A bumpy road to reform

It's not been a great month or so for Zambia's mining industry. Given the “vision”� for the immediate...


03 OCTOBER 2014