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Mining Journal Select London 2019 - Live Stream

Exceptional investment opportunities, selected by Mining Journal

Mining Journal Select

Tune in on 24th June 2019 at 9am for LIVE presentations, debates and panels discussions from keynote speakers within the mining finance community.

Mining Journal Select London is a carefully selected group of over 20 projects from around the world, as nominated by the Mining Journal.

The show will also feature heavy weights of the mining investment community including the likes of Haytham Hodaly (Wheaton Precious Metals), Bert Koth (Denham Capital) and Robert Friedland (Ivanhoe Mines).

The Mining Journal Intelligence unit has developed a robust and in depth methodology to establish a shortlist of what we consider to be the most promising projects in the market today.

We have combined our renowned industry insight and project knowledge to put together a two day event to both discuss key market issues, and promote only the best opportunities to our global investor audience.

The event will give attending investors a personalised, curated agenda of private investment meetings and outstanding content to share new ways of raising capital and to highlight the world's leading mining projects in a new format. Key themes for 2019 will include:

  • Insight into current market trends, future pricing and demand for this year's hot commodities
  • Expert assessment of the recent decline in investment into exploration and the factors preventing and slowing down future investment into new projects
  • Gold, Cryptocurrencies and new forms of money
  • Re-thinking age old financing techniques to suit the needs of modern day miners

Keynote Speakers Include:

  • Haytham Hodaly
    Senior VP Corporate Development, Wheaton Precious Metals
  • Bert Koth
    Managing Director, Denham Capital
  • Robert Friedland
    CEO, Ivanhoe Mines
  • Julian Treger
    CEO, Anglo Pacific Plc
  • E.B. Tucker
    Director, Metalla Royalities & Streaming
  • Tom Albanese
    Former CEO Rio Tinto Group and Vedanta Resources
  • Nick Stansbury
    Head of Commodity Research, Legal & General, Investment Management
  • Gerard Reid
    Co-Founder, Alexa Capital

To view the full speaker line-up, visit the Mining Journal Select 2019 Website