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Fatality at Gold Fields' South Deep

Gold Fields has suspended operations at its South Deep mine in South Africa after a series of four seismic events in quick succession caused its first fatality for the year.
Fatality at Gold Fields' South Deep Fatality at Gold Fields' South Deep Fatality at Gold Fields' South Deep Fatality at Gold Fields' South Deep Fatality at Gold Fields' South Deep

Gold Fields' has lost an employee at its South Deep operation in South Africa

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Gold Fields said the seismic events, of which three were between 1.4 and 1.9 in magnitude, had caused a rock burst, fatally injuring a 38-year old trackless crew leader, who succumbed to her injuries soon after.

Three other members of the team sustained minor injuries but were released from hospital after a full examination.

The company said all operations at South Deep had been suspended out of respect for the deceased and to allow employees to access counselling, if needed.

Gold Fields will keep the affected area -the 100 2BW corridor at a depth of 2,700m, which accounts for 10% of the mine's production this year - closed until it is deemed to be safe.

The Department of Mineral Resources was due to conduct an in-loco inspection Monday, once the seismic rating had receded from its high.

CEO Nick Holland sent the company's heartfelt condolences to the deceased employee's family, friends and colleagues and pledged any support required.

"Safety remains the first value for our management teams at all our operations and this latest accident will expedite a review of our already stringent safety protocols and procedures to reduce the incidence of and mitigate the impact of seismic events," he said.

Gold Fields has seen improvements in its safety performance over the past five years.