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Real drillers shop online

Salt Lake-headquartered drilling products and services company Boart Longyear says it has created an “intuitive online shopping experience” for drillers at My Drill Store, where “desired items [can be] conveniently added to an online shopping cart”. Coring and down-the-hole products, reverse circulation equipment, and sonic and overburden, and top hammer tools are among the items to be loaded into virtual carts.
Real drillers shop online Real drillers shop online Real drillers shop online Real drillers shop online Real drillers shop online

Boart Longyear's new website

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Boart (ASX: BLY) says its new website for ordering drilling tools and parts online allows customers to place orders, check local availability, and find detailed information and pictures of a wide selection of its products.

"Believed to be the first to make online ordering available in this product category, Boart Longyear has already seen success with My Drill Store as it beta tested the site with customers in a number of regions," the company said this week in a statement.

"Customers can purchase with confidence, knowing they are also fully supported by their local customer service representatives." launched an online shopping site in 1995 and eBay emerged in 1995. The tech or boom from 1997 to 2001, resulting in an international investment bubble that spectacularly burst, saw many online retail names appear and then disappear, though some re-emerged when web retail and delivery models were refined.

The era saw the launch of businesses such as global mining e-procurement platform Quadrem, set up by 14 international mining majors in 2000, which was bought by California-based Ariba in 2011 and then became part of Germany's SAP.

Accenture's 2017 Digital Technology in Mining report says "digital transformation" could unlock US$190 billion in value across the mining industry over the next 10 years.