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Mining Agenda: Going post-digital, into the DARQ ages

The majority of metals and mining executives surveyed in Accenture’s latest Tech Vision survey have said they were experimenting with one or more “DARQ” technologies, as the industry moves into the post-digital era.

Ngaire McDiarmid


Accenture's natural resources lead Ann Burns outlines the concepts of Distributed ledger technology, AI, Extended Reality and Quantum computing.

"The sum of DARQ technologies is far greater than the whole and that really is the opportunity moving forward in this post-digital era," she said.

Burns also shares her insights on the pace of change, AI in HR, moving towards a "human-plus" environment by 2025, security concerns in an interconnected world and changing mindsets.

"I think it is incredible what we can do if we change our mindset," she said.

On the line… Ann Burns, Accenture resources lead

Ann Burns leads Accenture's resources team for Australia and New Zealand.

She joined the global management, consulting and professional services firm more than 20 years ago.

She's worked with a diverse range of clients across Asia Pacific and says her real passion is in finding answers to the challenging questions that digital is asking.

Prior to joining Accenture, Burns practised as an architect and worked in construction and international business development.

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