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Well Force International's HiTT software solution delivers efficient drilling

Borehole Planning & Management Tools

Well Force International's HiTT software solution delivers efficient drilling Well Force International's HiTT software solution delivers efficient drilling Well Force International's HiTT software solution delivers efficient drilling Well Force International's HiTT software solution delivers efficient drilling Well Force International's HiTT software solution delivers efficient drilling

Well Force International

Well Force International (Well Force) have developed HiTT, a unique software solution for managing bore holes, providing more efficient drilling programs at a lower cost and most importantly, helping to improve the conditions for target zone intersection.

Both Drillers and Geologists benefit by using the software. Drillers can monitor drilling progress and correct deviations quickly and cost-effectively, while geologists can be confident their target zone will be intersected to support accurate resource definition.

Borehole Planning & Management Tools

HiTT is designed to significantly improve borehole planning and management, providing a unique view of exactly what is happening below the surface from the start of the drill hole to completion - with the flexibility to provide visibility of a single hole or multiple boreholes at once.

It provides a range of planning tools including: directional drilling management; deviation control; trend analysis; extrapolation; defined path extrapolation; straight path extrapolation; and side tracking.

Unique 3D view

What makes this software unique is its ability to provide three-dimensional (3D) visibility of the borehole's progress, with full 360° rotational views. It is also capable of two-dimensional (2D) section and plan views, across individual or multiple boreholes.

The flexibility to provide visibility of a single bore hole or multiple boreholes will show if a specified target may be intersected by using an existing parent hole, reducing drilling meters created by commencing a new hole. It also aids collision avoidance, which is costly and time consuming and can

Timely intervention to realign drill hole

The system allows for constant monitoring of the progress of a borehole once the survey data has been imported or uploaded. If it shows deviation from the plan, HiTT can generate a report with plans to realign the drill hole to target. The report can be exported and provided to drill crews. This is particularly critical for new resource delineation projects looking to obtain finance.

Daily progress reporting

Every shift the user can generate a detailed overview of the progression of the drill hole via a range of available reports. These reports can be emailed directly to Drill Supervisors and Geologists to monitor progress, plan interventions if needed or guide decision making. They also provide ‘what if' scenarios, allowing the operator to model hypothetical scenarios based on their knowledge of the ground conditions to generate both visual and data reports on the results.

The reports also allows for broader planning of a drill program, including whether a parent hole can be used to realistically intersect secondary targets.

Delivers financial benefits

There is significant financial benefit to be realised when using Well Force's HiTT software. Drill programs costs can be reduced by: avoiding costly borehole collisions; identifying deviations quickly for realignment; prevention of redrills; and most significantly, ensuring the target zone is hit for accurate resource evaluation.

Easy to use

HiTT is intuitive and user friendly and can be accessed via laptops on site. It requires very minimal input to set up prior to commencing use. Well Force will guide users through their initial set up and can provide customised training if required.

Quality control of drilling programs

Planning accountability and review are supported using information created by the system. By providing the capability for both drill crews and geologists to monitor the progress of bore holes, they can assess if the agreed plan and settings are delivering the required result. If daily reports show deviation to target, plans can be discussed and amended quickly and improve the likelihood targets will be intersected.

Proven success

The software has a proven history of success, having hit target intersections across many projects, with multiple targets off a single parent hole. It is used throughout the global exploration drilling industry, helping not only to reduce the total meters drilled and therefore cost of exploration programs, but also ensuring vital targets are intersected.

HiTT has been utilised on many directional exploration drilling projetcs worldwide - projects include Rakita Exploration Limited, Boliden, Capital Drilling, Barrick Gold, Nevsun, Tilva and Acacia Mining at operations across Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Other Services

The HiTT software integrates with Well Force's other service offerings, including a range of tools for rent and purchase, North Seeking Gyro surveying and geophysical logging services.

For more information on Well Force's HiTT software, visit our website or email us on