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Digbee is an on-demand data, research and ESG platform for the mining industry. We offer a free database of in-development and producing mines, objective and accredited peer reviews of mining studies, and ESG reporting for mining companies.

Our goal is to open up access to publicly available mining data, to help the mining industry identify and mitigate risk, to improve transparency and to foster a stronger and better global mining community.

Our freely available database of mining projects are displayed via an attractive map and can be filtered by mine owner, project name, commodity, location and economic report type. The Digbee database is updated weekly and has over 60 data points for over 3,000 publicly available economic studies enabling easy comparison between mining project data.

Digbee Reports are objective, standardised reports that offer a critical appraisal of a mining project and its underlying data and assumptions. The reports are written by our accredited expert members and are based on publicly available economic studies published by the project owners. We match appropriate experts with mining feasibility studies to create impartial, original and concise reports for you. Each Digbee Report is an independent appraisal of a mining economic study, written to a standardised template by our accredited community of Digbee experts. The reports cover Geology, Metallurgy, Mine Engineering and Mine Plans and can be purchased online.


In late 2020 we will be launching our ESG disclosure tool. We have partnered with leaders in the ESG world to develop a right-sized, future-looking and industry approved set of frameworks for all mining companies to assess and disclose their ESG metrics, while ensuring best practice. This outcome based approach has recognised over 30 initiatives and reporting frameworks, is practical and addresses real risk. Each question is accompanied with clear rationale and guidance. Submitted annually, through a Board Approval process, Digbee ESG allows comparison to peers, helps management improve their process to manage risk and will become the benchmark for engagement with capital providers and other stakeholders. All mining companies that submit a Digbee ESG questionnaire will have their ESG scores disclosed publicly on the platform. Stakeholders and investors will freely be able to assess, screen and compare each company or mining project to an industry accepted ESG framework, thereby minimising bureaucracy and inefficiency.



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Digbee talks the rebirth of independent investment research

Digbee talks the rebirth of independent investment research

Digbee are changing the mining research model, examples on Juanacipio, Alpala, Longonjo & Bateman.