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Imdex wins Globaltech court fight

A patent battle between Imdex (ASX: IMD) and Globaltech has ended with an Australian Federal Court judge Anthony Besanko finding Globaltech infringed Imdex’s patent.
Imdex wins Globaltech court fight Imdex wins Globaltech court fight Imdex wins Globaltech court fight Imdex wins Globaltech court fight Imdex wins Globaltech court fight

Imdex has won a patent infringement battle.

The case involves the core sample orientation tools developed and sold under the names Orifinder V3A, Orifinder v3B, Orifinder v5 or Trucore.

Globaltech and its nominated agents were also ordered to destroy all Orifinder tools and all advertising, instructional and promotional material relating to them.

Globaltech also undertook to quarantine and hold proper and discrete accounting records for revenues from the sale of the 16 Orifinder v5 kits on order and also for any further orders it receives between December 11 and January 23.

However, Globaltech is considering an appeal to the Full Federal Court. Therefore, the orders against it for the destruction of the Orifinder and Trucore tools have been suspended temporarily to allow Globaltech time to formally apply for a stay pending its appeal.

Imdex managing director Bernie Ridgeway said the outcome supported the decision to obtain and enforce patents relating to the company's technologies.

"[Imdex subsidiary] Australian Mud Company's patented core orientation technology, which is the key to the success of the Reflex ACT, was a world-first and this has been confirmed in the court's judgement," he said.

The Reflex ACT controller displays accelerometer data collected via time stamping technologies, including depth values when entered at each orientation.

It also records inclination, roll, gravity, temperature and all button presses.