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Mining Agenda: Miners seek 'robots in the wild'

Mining Agenda: Miners seek 'robots in the wild'

Accenture's Ann Burns delves into details of the Tech Vision 2020 survey

Mining Agenda

02 APRIL 2020

Accenture to grow in big data mining

Major management consulting firm Accenture has entered into an alliance agreement with enterprise software...

North America

08 JULY 2014

Altered DNA not good for miners

Mining's productivity conundrum continues to get a lot of attention from groups keen to ‘help out'. While...

Europe/Middle East

04 JULY 2014

Dinosaurs to digital demons

The dinosaur says it all, says Accenture's mining (North America) boss Jose J Suarez. “Digital technology...

North America

10 MARCH 2014

Digital signals much clearer

Major service and technology companies continue to focus attention on the digital revolution in mining....

North America

06 MARCH 2014