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Jharkhand deaths spark safety review

Jharkhand deaths spark safety review

The men died when part of the openpit coal mine collapsed.  Indian mining minister Minister Piyush...


05 JANUARY 2017

Quebec miners in criminal charges first

Two mining companies in Quebec have been charged with criminal negligence for the first time in Canada's...

North America

23 JUNE 2015

Calm after the storm

Harmony Gold successfully evacuated 486 workers from its Kusasalethu gold mine near Carletonville in...

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26 FEBRUARY 2015

Turkey mine accidents claimed 361 lives in 2014

The report by the Confederation of Revolutionary Workers' Unions revealed 81 mine accidents claimed the...

Europe/Middle East

23 JANUARY 2015

After the dust settles

There was a global intake of breathe as an audacious rescue plan to winch every one of them to safety...


15 DECEMBER 2014

Out of the ashes

Deep mining is a sophisticated and complex activity and, when a loss occurs, a detailed practical knowledge...


11 DECEMBER 2014