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Rio refocuses on aluminium

Rio refocuses on aluminium

After years in the wilderness, the bulk base metal is back in favour

Miner's right

23 JANUARY 2017

Buying in bulk

A rising price for bauxite, the primary ore of aluminium oxide (alumina) which eventually becomes aluminium...

Miner's right

03 NOVEMBER 2014

Gloves are off

“Competition brings out the best in products and the worst in people.”� – David Sarnoff That is not...

Europe/Middle East

01 OCTOBER 2014

Analysts question major dimensions

Over the past few years, the major diversified miners have changed their spots. Once focused solely on...


28 MARCH 2014

A shackled appointment

Tom Albanese will forever struggle to get rid of his association with the ill-timed acquisition of Alcan....


10 MARCH 2014

Back in the black

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Rio Tinto returned to profitability in 2013 after taking the knife...


13 FEBRUARY 2014

Costs are king, not grades

With so many mining projects being mothballed, it is a delight to discover one that should be able to...


26 OCTOBER 2012

Rio Tinto announces US$2.7bn aluminium investment

Rio Tinto has approved the US$2.7 billion required to complete the modernisation project at its 60-year...

North America

02 DECEMBER 2011

Rio Tinto sells Alcan unit for US$1.2 billion

Rio Tinto has sold part of its Alcan packaging unit to Bemis Co for US$1.2 billion to cut debt. Bemis...

Base metals

06 JULY 2009

Rio Tinto unveils debt recovery plan

Rio Tinto revealed on Wednesday it would axe 14,000 jobs, cut capital spending by more than half and...


11 DECEMBER 2008