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Democratic Republic of the Congo: A step back

The overwhelming potential of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's (DRC) mineral wealth has often been...


16 AUGUST 2013

Argentina: Promising prospects

Mining investment in Argentina is stalling after the boom years between 2002 and 2012. This key South...


09 AUGUST 2013

Miner's right: Robots are the future

There is, as yet, no sign of Arnold Schwarzenegger on a remote mine site but the man who starred in the...


31 MAY 2013

Colombia: Stability secures steady growth

The mining industry in Colombia is seen as one of the five main economic drivers for the country. It...

Central/South America

03 FEBRUARY 2012

Tanzania: Growth opportunities

The Tanzanian mining industry is relatively small in value, but the fact that mining earns a significant...


28 OCTOBER 2011

DRC: Maturing mining market

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) contains riches of cobalt, copper, gold, diamonds, cassiterite...


19 AUGUST 2011

Gold: rise and rise again

The gold price set new records in 2010, and continued to do so during the first three months of 2011....


08 APRIL 2011

Finance: Heading on down

The global gold hedge book fell by the greatest amount this year in the quarter to end-September, according...


26 NOVEMBER 2010

Ghana: Gold-led boom

Despite last year's economic growth slowing to its lowest rate since 2002 (a mere 4.7%), after reaching...


05 NOVEMBER 2010

Tanzania: Powering forward

Tanzania's mineral endowment includes gold, base metals, cassiterite, ferrous minerals, coal, uranium,...


29 OCTOBER 2010

Waiting for growth

Argentina's economy is growing again in 2010. A growth rate of 3-5% is predicted this year (following...

Central/South America

13 AUGUST 2010

Australian miners stand firm

In the wake of the global financial crisis, and the continuing uncertain economic conditions around the...


23 JULY 2010