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A year to forget

Continuing pressure on producers had global ramifications: mine operations were suspended, expansion...


23 JANUARY 2015

Digging in

As Australia's surviving diggers and dealers gathered in Kalgoorlie this week, two of the industry's...


08 AUGUST 2014

Tailings: Taxing times

While the Australian coalition government – and the rest of us – try to understand what the Palmer United...


27 JUNE 2014

Mining magnate Palmer wins extra senate seat

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott will need Clive Palmer's support to repeal the carbon and mining...


11 APRIL 2014

Trouble ahead

Kevin Rudd was sworn in again as Australia's prime minister on Wednesday, after a three-year break, leaving...


05 JULY 2013

Clean coal is no longer an oxymoron

Whenever climate change is discussed, those responsible for the extraction of coal have grown used to...


15 JANUARY 2013

Annual review: Weathering the storms

From natural disasters to resource nationalism, the mining industry has faced many hurdles in 2011. But...


16 DECEMBER 2011

Carbon tax passes Australian Senate

Australia's Senate has narrowly passed the controversial Clean Energy Bill, which will raise a carbon...


11 NOVEMBER 2011

Australia passes Clean Energy Bill

Australia's senate has passed the country's controversial Clean Energy Bill by a vote of 36 to 32. ...


08 NOVEMBER 2011

Mines and Money Australia: Agreement on the value of gold

The inaugural Mines and Money (M&M) conference in Australia boasted almost 1,000 delegates and over 80...


21 OCTOBER 2011

M&M Australia: Value of gold agreed

The Mines and Money (M&M) series has broadened its reach with an event last week in Sydney. The inaugural...


20 OCTOBER 2011

Carbon tax takes next step to industry dismay

Australian mining-industry bodies have reacted strongly against the country's proposed carbon tax after...


14 OCTOBER 2011