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Ecudaor dangles a golden carrot

Where once an onerous tax regime ensured the country was starved of significant investment in its vast...

Central/South America

25 JANUARY 2015

Cascabel drill-bit warms up

SolGold plc thinks it is onto a winner. This week the company extended the visible copper sulphide mineralisation...

Ecuador: A road to reform, perhaps

Ecuador's long-awaited regulatory revamp is unlikely to give the country's nascent mining sector the...

Central/South America

31 JANUARY 2014

Ecuador: Project backlog awaits reform

The outcome of Ecuador's February presidential elections could provide much-needed impetus for breaking...

Central/South America

01 FEBRUARY 2013

Ecuador: Turning a corner

The extractive industry in Ecuador has taken a turn for the better since the country's moratorium on...