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Super Cycle Prediction

Chinese economic growth may have slowed, but that was not the same thing as saying growth had ground...


14 DECEMBER 2012

Australia in the Asian century

On October 28 the Australian government released its White Paper entitled ‘Australia in the Asian Century'...


09 NOVEMBER 2012

Indaba delegates forecast metal momentum

On the first day of talks at the Investment in Asian Mining Indaba in Singapore earlier this week, analysts...


02 NOVEMBER 2012

Economic Intelligence: Steely resolve

In the quarter to end-September this year, there was a marked decline in the price of iron ore, a key...


19 OCTOBER 2012

Copper: Ups and downs

Last year was a roller-coaster ride for copper, with the average cash price ending the year 17% higher...


12 OCTOBER 2012

Southern Africa: Commodities in the Kalahari

Botswana remains Sub-Saharan Africa's destination of choice for mining investors due to an attractive...

Base metals

05 OCTOBER 2012

Country risk: Greenland

After centuries of relative economic insignificance, the Arctic wilderness of Greenland is fast becoming...

Europe/Middle East

04 OCTOBER 2012

Water: Waste water to profit

The attention given to innovation in water-treatment technologies is on the rise. One project that...


04 OCTOBER 2012

A maturing relationship

There is nothing new about the Chinese state's interests and investment in many African states. However,...


04 OCTOBER 2012

Uranium: Clouds of Fukushima receding

The post-Fukushima global uranium market has failed to regain the 2010 optimism that sent spot prices...


24 AUGUST 2012


China is having a good Olympics, as expected. But alongside the country's haul of gold, silver and bronze...


03 AUGUST 2012

Legal watch: Common dispute in rare earth trade

At a recent meeting of the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), China blocked...


20 JULY 2012