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Goodbye US$3/lb copper

Goodbye US$3/lb copper

Barclays analysts predict copper price fall now inventories are up


13 NOVEMBER 2017
"Structural reforms in China should drive higher margins and higher prices"

"Structural reforms in China should drive higher margins and higher prices"

Market-watchers analyse Chinese president Xi Jinping's address


19 OCTOBER 2017
Near-term headwinds for iron ore

Near-term headwinds for iron ore

Market expected to fall during December quarter, upside seen in 2018



Markets slow pace of the game

Once the darling of the emerging markets, Latin America's biggest economy has been on a bit of a downer...

Base metals show way to recovery

With commodity prices enduring a torrid time over the past year, investors may well be questioning when...


02 MAY 2014

Productivity: When is productivity real?

No one likes rowing against the current, but maybe you should give it a go if you can hear a waterfall....


28 FEBRUARY 2014

Canada: Pressure still on BC miners

British Columbia's (BC's) mining industry may face a major labour shortage over the next decade, putting...

North America

10 JANUARY 2014

Annual review: A changing market

Gold may have been one of the more dramatic commodity casualties of the US Federal stimulus programme,...


20 DECEMBER 2013

Annual review: Onwards and upwards

When business fundamentals shift, business practices need to change as well. This promises to be a hard...


20 DECEMBER 2013

Impairments: Financial woes

Whenever a mining company takes an impairment charge, chief executives and financial directors are quick...

Central/South America

20 DECEMBER 2013

From the capital: Pondering a lift in equity prices

As 2013 ends, mining industry investors are grappling with whether a three-year downturn in equity prices...


20 DECEMBER 2013

'Rising commodity prices stoke resource nationalism'

As commodity prices rise, so does the frequency of disputes between mining companies and host governments,...

Europe/Middle East

29 NOVEMBER 2013