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Two-way street of social licence

Two-way street of social licence

The bar for social contracts in mining is set ever higher - and the sector needs to meet it


MMG hit with big Las Bambas claim

MMG hit with big Las Bambas claim

Local community around MMG's Las Bambas mine lodge claim seeking damages of around US$450M

Copper News

26 JULY 2018

Transparency test for Myanmar

Governance and transparency will be key investment themes in Myanmar in 2015


17 MARCH 2015

The fab four rocking Central America

First Quantum Minerals is developing the large Cobre Panama deposit, Tahoe Resources and Goldcorp have...

Central/South America

08 DECEMBER 2014

Securing supply lines vital

Finding the means to sustain or enhance physical security infrastructure and processes with a reduced...


01 DECEMBER 2014

Socio-economic development: Local sourcing

These days, many mining executives say: “We support the communities where we operate. We buy locally...

Central/South America

23 DECEMBER 2013