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Iron ore profits will irk China

Iron ore profits will irk China

If China is annoyed with the high price of iron ore, which it is, then imagine the outcry next month...

Miner's right

08 JULY 2019
Rain hails coal lift

Rain hails coal lift

Heavy rains, strikes and increasing demand boost Oz export price


05 JULY 2017

Lonmin chief walks SA tightrope

In an exclusive interview this week with Mining Journal, he talked about his hopes, vision and concerns,...


04 MARCH 2015

Glencore restarts coal operations

The world’s largest exporter of thermal coal revealed to Reuters that it was “in the process of resuming...


05 JANUARY 2015

Looking after the fine print

George Rogers has seen a lot in the years he's been in the mining-finance game. Now set up independently,...

Europe/Middle East

07 OCTOBER 2014

Miner's Right: A one mine world

  561208.mj-30-day-tri When Rio Tinto unveiled...


20 MAY 2014

Miner's right: A one-mine world

When Rio Tinto unveiled its “one mine”� iron-ore logistics centre four years ago there were plenty of...


15 MAY 2014

Commitment issues

BHP Billiton (BHPB) surprised a lot of people last year when it pledged to spend a fair chunk of money...


22 APRIL 2014

How high nickel as Indonesia holds firm?

Indonesia's parliamentary elections will likely cause a political stalemate, but if one winner is to...


16 APRIL 2014

Iron ore going cheap

Big disappointment over the performance of iron ore miner African Minerals has resulted in a stark opportunity...


07 APRIL 2014

Analysts question major dimensions

Over the past few years, the major diversified miners have changed their spots. Once focused solely on...


28 MARCH 2014

Miner's right: Recovery mode

Some anniversaries are best ignored, such as birthdays after a certain age, which is perhaps why one...


10 JANUARY 2014