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'Myopic' cycle could see RE demand reach 'escape velocity'

'Myopic' cycle could see RE demand reach 'escape velocity'

Adamas flags 'unfathomable' rare earth demand growth beyond 2030

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An order of magnet-tude

An order of magnet-tude

Rare earths story has EV hook but still struggling

Capital markets

12 DECEMBER 2018

Doubts over dysprosium miner's 'binding' agreement

Judge's ruling loosened seemingly hard and fast definition of a compelling compact

From the Capital

20 MAY 2015

Northern Minerals seeks development help

After a round of his regular shareholder briefings, Northern Minerals chief executive George Bauk was...


26 OCTOBER 2014

Australian explorer in

An Australian company is claiming a breakthrough in its bid to become the first significant non-Chinese...


01 JULY 2014

Dysprosium the most endangered element

High-end minerals supplier American Elements has named dysprosium, a rare earth metal, as its most “endangered...


27 MARCH 2014

EYe on mining: Super-cycle hangover

Mining and metals companies face a growing threat of substitution and many commodities including copper,...

Base metals

11 OCTOBER 2013

Element strategies: Starting a revolution

As a result of rising consumer demand, much effort has been made in recent years to develop materials...


31 MAY 2013

Strategic Metals: Rare earth update

Given the implementation of Chinese export quotas, a system that did not differentiate between rare earth...


20 APRIL 2012