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"We offer an exciting workplace where people are innovating"

"We offer an exciting workplace where people are innovating"

Rio Tinto among the few miners listed in Canada's top 100 employers


12 NOVEMBER 2018

Mining industry failing on gender diversity

The survey, which canvassed the opinion of 6,000 people working across a wide range of industries in...


13 MARCH 2015

Norway: a land of opportunities

There is a need for new mineral extraction to contribute to national and international demand for minerals....


17 FEBRUARY 2015

Stratum sees mining recruitment restart this year

Recruitment activity is still cooling off after a busier than usual March quarter, according to Stratum...

Europe/Middle East

30 JULY 2014

Mine closure: Measure of success

As we often have to remind ourselves, mining is only a temporary use of the land, so when the economic...

Europe/Middle East

27 JUNE 2014

Greenland: A country divided

The recent reversal of a long-standing ban on uranium mining could have a dramatic effect on Greenland,...

Europe/Middle East

21 FEBRUARY 2014

French-speaking Africa: Laws changing the lay of the land

Renowned for the riches of their sub-soil, it should come as no surprise that countries in French-speaking...


17 JANUARY 2014

Canada: Pressure still on BC miners

British Columbia's (BC's) mining industry may face a major labour shortage over the next decade, putting...

North America

10 JANUARY 2014

Back to the books

Paul Dunn, head of Curtin University of Technology’s Western Australian School of Mines (WASM), says...


01 JANUARY 2014

Socio-economic development: Local sourcing

These days, many mining executives say: “We support the communities where we operate. We buy locally...

Central/South America

23 DECEMBER 2013

Central and Eastern Europe: Escaping from the doldrums

Although central and eastern Europe have been far from immune from the economic crisis, there are encouraging...

Base metals

19 JULY 2013

BHPB donates A$3.9M to support education initiatives for indigenous communities

BHP Billiton (BHPB) has donated A$3.9 million (US$3.5 million) to the Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation...


12 JULY 2013