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Int'l Women's Day prompts reflection

Int'l Women's Day prompts reflection

Progress made in bridging the gender divide, though some distance to go


06 MARCH 2017
The gender mind bender

The gender mind bender

We need to put more facts behind the debate over women in the workforce

From the Capital

17 NOVEMBER 2016
Dead cats

Dead cats

BHP's fight for equality may be more about changing the subject

View from the West End

26 OCTOBER 2016

Mining industry failing on gender diversity

The survey, which canvassed the opinion of 6,000 people working across a wide range of industries in...


13 MARCH 2015

Female talent retention a key to mining's future

The report, ‘Mining for talent in 2015’, is the culmination of three years of research undertaken by...


24 JANUARY 2015

Diversity about culture, leadership

While it’s not exactly a revelation that the mining sector performs poorly in this area, the report published...

Europe/Middle East

08 DECEMBER 2014