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Greenland strips Chinese company of iron ore licence

Greenland strips Chinese company of iron ore licence

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23 NOVEMBER 2021

China poised to acquire distressed assets

And who – aside from private funds and distressed driven investors – has the capital, investment mandate...


09 MARCH 2015

Nice restart for Greenland's Isua

According to a statement from the Greenlandic government, London Mining Greenland A/S will keep its name...

Capital markets

12 JANUARY 2015

Road to Greenland passes through London

Eastern Greenland's glacial mountains share little in common with Sierra Leone's lowlands, but London...

Europe/Middle East

14 MARCH 2014

Greenland: Settling into a higher pace

After reaching a record total exploration spend in 2010, a wide range of exploration and exploitation...

Europe/Middle East

21 OCTOBER 2011

AngloPac royalties

Anglo Pacific Group plc has announced the acquisition of two royalties on projects in Canada and Greenland....

Europe/Middle East

05 AUGUST 2011