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Karara Mining on the turn

Karara Mining on the turn

Iron ore operation appears to be performing better than ever


19 JULY 2017

Chinese puzzle

The correct answer is that the rest of the world will never really know what drives Chinese investment...

Miner's right

15 DECEMBER 2014

Gindalbie seeks more funding

Gindalbie Metals Ltd said it was in discussions with its Chinese lenders for another cash injection as...

Capital markets


Miner's right: The beauty of thinking small

The slogan ‘Think small' worked for Volkswagen when it was marketing its Beetle to car buyers in the...


23 AUGUST 2013

This week: 2/8/13

Production and markets Uranium producer Areva SA would need a price for the metal of above US$60/Ib...

Base metals

02 AUGUST 2013

Gindalbie change

Gindalbie Metals Ltd and Anshan Iron and Steel Group Corp decided to pool the roles of chief executive...


26 JULY 2013

Miner's right: Let there be light

It is poor compensation for low commodity prices but the “tax worm”� is turning in Australia, the country...


24 MAY 2013

Biodiesel, free range eggs to cut Karara's environmental footprint

Several newly-developed sustainable business ventures are set to reduce the environmental footprint of...


03 APRIL 2013

Gindalbie raising

Gindalbie Metals Ltd closed a A$40 million (US$42 million) equity raising with institutional investors...


07 DECEMBER 2012

Gindalbie secures final Karara finance

Gindalbie Metals Ltd said it has arranged finance worth US$250 million to help fund its flagship Karara...


24 AUGUST 2012

Gindalbie expands Karara debt

Gindalbie Metals Ltd said it arranged supplementary finance worth US$250 million, to be used for the...


20 AUGUST 2012

Karara facility

Gindalbie Metals Ltd has completed the next stage of financing for its Karara iron-ore project in Western...


28 APRIL 2011