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The murky business of investigating corruption

Mayer Brown looks at the implications of recent SFO investigations for the mining sector

Europe/Middle East

19 JUNE 2015

Nice work, if you can get it

A landmark survey of mining's legal world offers valuable insights into key industry macro and micro...


21 APRIL 2015

Seeking returns in uncharted waters

Despite obstacles, both countries and industry are keen to see deep-sea mining become a reality


20 MARCH 2015

China reignites its love affair with Africa

Today the relationship has more of an economic flavour. Africa is looking for reliable partners as it...


09 MARCH 2015

Rare opportunities hobbled

China supplies in excess of 90% of world rare-earth production. Export of that production to countries...


23 JANUARY 2015

Project finance outlook still clouded

Downward pressures on commodity prices have led to weak demand from investors, while debt finance providers...

Capital markets

01 DECEMBER 2014

Arabian riches

Djibouti, one of Africa's smallest and most resource-poor countries, provides a window into the potential...



Access all areas

Much has been written about the financing and development of mining projects on a standalone basis. However,...


18 JUNE 2014

A yen for Africa

Rachel Speight, partner at international law firm Mayer Brown, notes this week in Mining Journal online...


13 JUNE 2014

Marine mining: Sea change

In March 2013, Japanese government-owned organisations began blow-of-gas tests in the seas near Kishu...


27 FEBRUARY 2014

Rarer still

“The rare-earths industry is in a state of transition,”� the co-authors of a new report on the sector...


21 FEBRUARY 2014

Industry should embrace adversity

The international mining industry should embrace resource nationalism and see it as an “opportunity in...

Europe/Middle East

09 DECEMBER 2011